Another Innocent Girl (bescenenotherd) wrote in dvdrip,
Another Innocent Girl

Sorry if this is the wrong place to ask...

But how to you rip videos directly off of webpages?
I just want to know how to do this for the sole purpose of putting them on my iPod.
Help would be awesome!
& sorry again if this is the wrong place.
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What type of vide? Streaming? Files? Flash?

Provide a link to a page that has video you want.

Like the video that plays here.

That's "streaming video"
Basically, it's not downloading the video file onto your computer or into your Temporary Internet Files folders.

You'll need to grab a program online that "captures" streaming video.
It's pretty easy, usually you just cut/paste the link into the program and it saves the file for you.

.asx is the file type
Do you know what program I could use?
SDP. :)