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DivX-enabled DVD Players

I'm planning to buy a DVD player that can play DivX, XviD, .avi, and other formats that most other players can't play. I think I'd like to get either the Toshiba SD-3990 or the Philips DVP642.

I've been reading really conflicting opinions on both of these as to how well it actually plays DivX, and how flimsy and poor quality they are in general. I would really like more input from anyone who has either of these players. Can it handle stuff like anime with subtitles? How often do you have problems with it not playing these files correctly or at all? Will it play DVD-Rs or does it need to be DVD+R?

Also, I haven't bought a DVD player outside of DVD burners for computers in quite a long while, so sorry if this is a really stupid question, but can these DivX-enabled players only play these files on DVDs or can they also play CD-Rs with video files?

Thanks in advance if you can help.

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I personally have the Dvp642 from Philips, although I'm no pro when it comes to this stuff, I find it does the trick for most of my downloads. It does play DVD+R and DVD-R as well as it will read the files off a cd, what i usually do is I'll download some stuff, burn it to a dvd, pop it in, if it doesn't work, which doesn't happen very often, then I'll use "divx to dvd" to transfer the files that didn't work into a burnable dvd image.