xcarpe_noctemx (xcarpe_noctemx) wrote in dvdrip,

DVD Shrink not recognizing my menu ??

Okay, quick question because I've looked all over the net for people discussing exactly what you guys are right now. I've been having a terrible ordeal with my DVDs. I have DVD Shrink and I use it to rip from DVDs, except that I recently burned some episodes of a TV show onto several different discs, and each disc has 2 episodes, but when I try to get to the first episode on the disc, it doesn't show up in DVD Shrink. Furthermore, it'll say something like: Title 2 [minutes] and Title 5 [minutes] right underneath, but the two episodes will both be the same one! Does anyone know how in the world I can fix this? So far, I've been able to access about 3 out of 8 episodes :( ...
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