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Newbie - How To?


I'm a newbie to dvdripping.  I've bought a dvd burner, and the software that I got with it is Nero 7 that's a two month trial (go figure).  

I have no idea what I'm doing, but I do know what I want to do, and that is this... 

I would like to transfer my dvd's  to my ipod nano 3rd generation.  Movies that I can't even get on itunes.  I would like to convert the dvd's to ipod format or at least avi format.  If I can get it avi format then I have another program that I can convert it to ipod format.  TMI right?  So... I'm looking to find out what software I need to transfer dvd to computer, from computer to avi or ipod format.  

Can I do that?  If so, could someone please, please tell me what I need... explain, and honestly... I'm looking for software that doesn't have a limit time of use.  

Thanks for your time!

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